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“No Smoking” safety sign

How to make a “No Smoking” safety sign?


Discover how to make a three-colour sign with Fabrice, Gravograph Product Manager!

In this video, Fabrice shows you how to make a “No Smoking” sign using the IS7000XP engraving, cutting and mechanical micro-machining machine.
The sign will be made up of 3 colours, obtained using the Gravoply™3C 3-layer material sheet.

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Make a sign in 6 steps:

The large IS7000XP cutting and engraving bench is very quick (it can reach 240mm/second) and meets industrial requirements in terms of productivity, reliability and safety thanks to its motors and automatic tool change options.

Equipment required

  • Gravoply™3C Sheet

Machine and software used

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How to make a “No Smoking” safety sign?

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