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How to make a championship belt?

How to make a championship belt


Find out how to make a fabulous championship belt! #Gravolive

Today, Joël shows us how to make a full contact championship belt made up of three brass plates glued to the belt itself.

Find out how to make a belt fit for a champ in 4 steps:


The Gravostyle™ software comes with a Graphic level multi-tool range. This function allows you to save time: the range of tools combines different sizes of tools, using the finest or the thickest, depending on the surface. You can also get a preview in the software.

For this application, the thickest tool is used to engrave the brass (represented in brown on the Gravostyle™ software) while the finest tool creates the pattern details (appearing in pink on the Gravostyle preview).


The IS8000IQ mechanical engraving and cutting machine is the largest at Gravograph. Sold with the Gravostyle™ software, this mechanical machine will assist you in all your engraving projects!


Equipment required

Machine and software used

  • IS8000 IQ Mechanical engraving and cutting machine
  • Multi-tool range (function)


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How to make a championship belt

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