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How to engrave a photo on a pendant

How do you engrave jewellery?


In this video, Arthur (Gravograph product manager) shows us how to engrave a Halloween pendant using the M20 machine!


Download the job here

Find out how to make a unique pendant in 5 steps: 


Perfect for engraving and personalising small items (bracelets, pendants, plates, rings and pens), the M20 engraving machine will allow you to create all of your engraving projects: from the finest detail to the machining of most materials, the M20 has got you covered.

Compact and just 10kg in weight, this mechanical engraving machine can easily be moved!

Equipment required:

  • A pendant or a medallion
  • A photo to be engraved

Machine and software used:

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How do you engrave jewellery?

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