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How to caramelise a crème brûlée


Make a crème brûlée with a laser engraving and cutting machine

Gravograph offers you an easy recipe idea…

The Crème brûlée is a French dessert made from egg yolk, sugar, cream, vanilla and caramel. People love its crunchy brittle, which we are going to make today!

Find out how to caramelise and personalise a crème brûlée with a laser machine:

While our laser machines are not specifically designed for cooking, our team was able to make a delicious crème brûlée using a Gantry CO2 laser.

laser Gantry CO2 laser is more generally used for applications including:

Laser marking offers advantages for you, your clients and the environment!

Find out more about CO2 laser machines

Equipment required

Machine and software used

  • crème brûlée base
  • motif created beforehand, if you want a personalised caramel
  • Gantry CO2 Gravograph laser machine: we’re using a LS100 laser machine in this video
  • Gravostyle 8™ engraving software

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How to caramelise a crème brûlée

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