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Fast, Simple, Convenient Equipment Financing

Need to finance equipment? Turn to the name you already know. New Hermes capital makes it fast, simple, and extremely convenient.

It can make sense to lease. Financing equipment can free up cash. It can also be a great way to make more effective use of your assets. Whatever you need to lease, from office furniture to the most sophisticated technical equipment, New Hermes capital makes it easy and fast.

Interested in applying? Want to find out more? Speak to our equipment sales representative? Give us a call and let us show you just how simple financing your equipment can be.

Equipment leasing can play an essential role in virtually every successful business strategy. Take a look at some of the key advantages. Remember, New Hermes Capital professionals will help you customize a solution that is right for you.

Improved cash flow management.
Because of the sizable cash outlay involved in equipment acquisitions, many businesses lease to conserve capital. Money may be better spent on appreciating assets, not depreciating ones, and investing capital in your business. And since monthly lease payments usually remain fixed for the entire term of the lease you can continue to accurately budget into the future. Knowing your payment amount in advance enables you to budget and manage technology investment dollars over time.

More flexibility
Leasing traditionally gives businesses more flexibility than other financing options. You can choose the length of the lease, the amount of advance payment you're prepared to make, not to mention other options such as provisions for technology upgrades. 90 day deferred, step and seasonal payments also available.

Save the down payment.
Many other financing programs require a sizable down payment. Leases, on the other hand, generally only require that the first and last payments be paid at the start of the lease.

100% financing
Traditional methods of financing usually do not include soft cost items such as installation, maintenance, conversion, training, consulting fees, and freight. With leasing, you can build soft costs - up to 20% of the total value of the lease - right into the terms of the lease.

Easier than bank loans 
Leasing programs and procedures are specially designed to take the red tape out of financing - whenever possible avoiding typical "bank requirements". Some banks may require compensating balances or other restrictive policies such as sizable down payments, client list reviews, cash flow projections and the like. Leasing generally requires a minimum of information with application processing usually only taking 15 minutes.

Tax benefits
Many businesses traditionally deduct their monthly lease payments as an operating expense thus reducing the net cost of the lease. IRS code § 179 tax benefits may also be applicable on conditional sales contracts and financing arrangements with New Hermes Capital that can effectively lower your tax liability. (Consult your New Hermes Capital advisor at 888-579-0639 for details today.)

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